Estate Security

Abila Security & Investigations, Inc. (ASI) believes in designing and implementing a thorough and custom estate security package for each client individually. Our methodology is to establish long term relationships with our clients by understanding their lifestyles and potential risks. This understanding will dictate the development of a tailored estate security architecture that is specific to their needs. After our assessment is completed and analyzed, we believe in sitting down with our clients to discuss the results of any gaps or vulnerabilities that may exist. This is when our clients are able to voice any questions or concerns and ask questions about the design of the estate security plan. The ASI estate security plan will ensure that the client’s needs and wants are covered while addressing the actual threat level. ASI believes it is possible to design an estate security package that is aesthetically pleasing to the client and ensure that the security can: Detect, Deter, Delay and Deny access of uninvited guests.

Estate Security
ASI will work closely with your architect and builder in order to pro-actively implement design changes and modifications before construction or renovations are initiated. ASI will manage all aspects of your estate security program to include:

  • Development of policies, procedures, emergency response plans
  • Access control systems (gates/doors/perimeters)
  • Security systems management and protocol
  • Facility life supports (lights/water/electrical)
  • Protocol for residents and special staff
  • Protocol for employees and visitors
  • Background investigations of employees and contractors
  • Liaison with law enforcement and other government agencies
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of and response to all security issues