Executive Protection

In the last decade, there has been an unprecedented globalization of security awareness in the international marketplace. In the midst of this new era, the pace of this globalization has accelerated dramatically. ASI personnel have provided executive protection and security services to the US Government, Fortune 500 Companies, A-List Celebrities, Major Motion Picture Studios, leading fashion designers, professional sports figures, and high net worth individuals from Beverly Hills to Afghanistan.

ASI’s “Protection Agents” are masters of blending in our protectee’s environment and life. Our executive protection services are conducted with U.S. Federal doctrine and industry best practices in mind, therefore ensuring that our clients receive a complete and solid security program. Our agents’ ability and understanding on how to deliver the appropriate level of protection in various and unique environments has been and continues to be one of the keys to our success. Our agents are highly trained and that training is continually updated. Our agents are skilled in communications and management skills, all modes of transportation, advance team requirements, medical response, understanding protocol and etiquette, and the appropriate use of force.

ASI designs and implements a security package specifically for each client, with the intent of accomplishing the mission in the most unobtrusive way possible. This allows our clients to live as much of a “Normal” life as possible in their current threat environment. By taking into account the different threat levels each client may have, either by status or environment, we never compromise on providing highly trained and experienced protective agents. This allows our clients to function in their daily lives whether a diplomat or a celebrity.

The advancement of an integrated global economy brings varied security risks to our clients’ work environments and their personal lives and mitigating them is a fact of life. However that life should not and cannot be lived in a fortress; ASI is here to help our clients break out of the siege environment and enable them to prosper in the workplace and live their personal lives to the fullest.

We provide executive protection and security services to:

  • US Government
  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • A-List Celebrities
  • Major Motion Picture Studios
  • Leading Fashion Designers
  • Professional Sports Figures
  • High net worth individuals from Beverly Hills to Afghanistan