Personal Security Vulnerability Assessment (PSVA)

Not all clients need presidential level security. The proper level of security should be developed to fit each environment and need. Each detail, like each client, is different and should be handled as such. ASI initiates each client’s security program by performing a Personal Security Vulnerability Assessment (PSVA). This gives ASI a base from which to provide a sufficient and cost effective level of security. Our purpose is to insure the client is comfortable enough to continue their work and personal life, and still have a sufficient security profile. ASI Inc. prides itself in anticipating every possible obstacle and in being able to explain them in our PSVA briefing so that all issues are clearly understood. This briefing opens a dialog with the ASI team and enables our clients to voice their questions and concerns in an open forum.

We explain, as an example:

  • The importance of the logistics involved with advances
  • Emergency procedures and duress codes
  • Agent responsibilities
  • Confidentiality
  • Medical issues
  • Operational schedules (transportation, daily events, personal activities
  • Evacuation planning
  • The need for operational security and public affairs
Personal Security Vulnerability Assessment (PSVA)
All information and logistics that are involved with ASI programs and procedures are discussed in an open forum. We want our clients to feel they can come to us with any problem and know that the professionals at ASI Inc. can handle the issues quickly and discretely.