Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics is an expertise that unravels the electronic intricacies involved in everything from examination of a single computer to complex litigation. At Abila Security & Investigations, our Computer Forensics services encompass every aspect of the electronic discovery process. When you are entangled in litigation or an internal investigation is underway, computer forensic analysis can make a major difference in the outcome. The evidence you recover must stand up in court or in an internal hearing, which means you should not ask untrained staff to examine computers, cell phones or PDAs.

Computer Forensics experts are the tactical units of the new millennium; they use state-of-the-art methodologies with the latest technology to provide the evidence you need to solve electronic-related company investigations and legal/courtroom issues.

Our Forensics consultants are not office-bound academics. They are practitioners in their fields, with many having multidisciplinary backgrounds in security, law enforcement, protective intelligence, threat assessment and management, as well as computer science and technology. Our consultants teach, train, publish, and keynote speak in their respective areas. Because they have the required mixture of both academic backgrounds and board certifications, they can speak the language of business. And because they have field experience, they can operate in unique environments safely and effectively. They are comfortable working with employees in the field, line level supervisors, private individuals and senior executives.

Computer Forensics
Here are some of the Computer Forensic services ASI offers:

  • In-depth Internet Investigations
  • Computer Evidence Recovery
  • Domestic and International Data Capture
  • Forensic Accounting
  • E-risk Management
  • Expert Court Testimony