Systems Effectiveness & Analysis (SE-A)

A Systems Effectiveness & Analysis (SE-A) is a systematic appraisal of an installation or enterprise site using a performance-criteria-based approach.

The SE-A differs significantly from most traditional assessments many organizations and personnel have experienced. There exists less reliance on the personal experience, biases, and application of individual interpretation of compliance and “what a good security system looks like”. There is more reliance on the quantitative process and procedures to gain information that the SE-A Team analyst will ultimately apply to the final analysis and reports.

The Systems Effectiveness & Analysis assessment includes all of the normal organizational experts and senior staff personnel to provide information and access. The difference between a traditional assessment and a SE-A is that the conduct of the assessment will hinge solely upon the visiting SE-A Team performing the review and developing the information. The conduct of SE-A will be nearly invisible and seamless to the day to day operation.

For the organization, only the techniques used to determine the data for physical security system enhancement will be different. These techniques need not be learned by the organizations personnel; instead, the SE-A Team will drive the assessment. The result will be the application of firm quantitative data supporting the requirement of ensuring that the organization’s protective profile is adequate to the threats capability.

ASI System Effectiveness & Analysis (SE-A)
Abila Security & Investigations, Inc. (ASI) assessment experts have performed SE-A’s around the world for the US government and private industry. We look forward to speaking to you more in-depth about this assessment for your facility.