S.A.F. Guard Program

Abila Security & Investigations, Inc. (ASI) School training program is designed specifically for public and private preschool to college/universities to significantly mitigate the potential for serious bodily injury or the destruction of property precipitated by either manmade events or natural disasters. The American people have traditionally viewed the classroom as a revered sanctuary that should not be sullied by any form of negative influences either of an external or internal nature. Regrettably the safeguards which were initially put into place to protect the sanctity of the classroom didn’t evolve with our dramatically changing society. Our S.A.F.Guard program is addressing these issues which range from extreme violence to extreme weather conditions. We believe the first step is empowering teachers with the knowledge to develop a proactive security mindset and assisting them in working with local law enforcement as team members and not as victims waiting for help that will probably arrive after the event is over. We train the educators alongside the first responders and develop a myriad of new skill sets. We believe that we must give our educators the knowledge and tools to survive the first fifteen minutes of a critical incident until law enforcement arrives to take command the environment. We empower teachers and administrators to prepare contingency options and to practice frequent safety drills and tabletop exercises. Then, when an incident occurs, it becomes almost second nature to get the children and themselves to safety.

There is undeniably a special place in our team’s heart for empowering educators with knowledge and training and to help them become proactive in protecting the students in their charge and themselves.

While many schools have an “emergency plan” that addresses fire drills and medical emergencies, this “plan” is no longer enough to stay proactive in keeping children, staff, visitors and the property safe. If your school completes the S.A.F.Guard Program it will receive the following;

    • Complete a Comprehensive Training Program on safety and security
    • Complete a Self Risk Assessment to identify potential hazards and areas for improvement
    • Develop an Emergency Plan and Emergency Flip Guide for specified rooms within the school
“Securing America’s Future”
S.A.F. Guard Program - A Proactive Solution to Safety and Security Needs for our Education Institutions.
S.A.F. Guard Program – A Proactive Solution to Safety and Security Needs for our Education Institutions.

The ASI S.A.F. Guard team is comprised of Subject Matter Experts in law enforcement operations, forensic clinical psychology, counter terrorism, dignitary/diplomatic protection, emergency medicine/rescue, risk management and education professionals. As security professionals ASI has developed this plan based not on recent events, but rather 85 years of “lessons learned” and many more years of combined professional experience in a range of applicable disciplines.

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