ASI Law Enforcement Association Tactical Program
Welcome to the ALEAT Program Special Discount Program for Public Safety Personnel (ASI Law Enforcement Association Tactical) products program member Log-In page. Abila Security and Investigations, Inc (ASI) created this program for active duty and retired law enforcement personnel through their Law Enforcement Associations (LEAs) that represent them or the Law Enforcement Organizations (LEOs) they currently work for or retired from. To maintain the integrity of the program, your LEA or LEO, there must be an agreement in place between that entity and ASI to provide the ALEAT products program to their members. Law enforcement personnel who would like to be able to utilize the program, but don’t have their LEA or LEO involved with it are welcomed to contact ASI Vice President Michael Simler via email and he will be happy to work with you on establishing that relationship.

How to Log-In

  1. Utilize ALEAT as your Username.
  2. Use the password that has either been sent to via email by ALEAT or from your LEA or LEO.
  3. Once you’ve logged on you’ll be transferred to the U.S. Cavalry webpage through a portal for shopping.
  4. There will be no additional requirements for you to shop the U.S. Cavalry product line to gain your 10% discount because you’ve logged on through the ALEAT portal.
  5. Shop, purchase your items and have the support U.S. Cavalry provides all their customers.

Sign up for your ALEAT Security Discounts Now

If for some reason your password is not working or you have questions or concerns about the product program please contact our Senior Accounts Representative Mr. Toby Leonard via email at: