CARVER Assessment Tool

Abila Security & Investigations, Inc. (ASI) has performed and trained U.S. Government and private industry how to utilize the CARVER assessment tool. CARVER assessment is a proven method for assessing the components of an organizations security is the CARVER Analysis Tool. CARVER assessment is used by United States Government and Fortune 500 industry worldwide for security planning process to assess mission validity and requirements. CARVER is used across the spectrum to assist organizations as a tool for security planning, analysis, and budgeting.

Abila Security & Investigations, Inc. (ASI) utilizes the CARVER selection factors to assist in selecting the best and weakest of an installations security profile. As the factors are considered, they are given a numerical value. This value represents the desirability or the vulnerability of an organization. The values are then placed in a decision matrix. After CARVER values for each organizational component are assigned, the sum of the values indicate the highest levels of security or the most vulnerable.


CARVER Assessment Tool
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