Actors and Sets

ASI provides world class executive protection and security consulting for actors and sets. We provide security services to the “Who’s Who” of the sports, music, television, and major motion picture studios on a global scale. Our clients notoriety brings its own unique safety, security and privacy concerns that are unlike any other profession in the world. ASI designs and implements custom security packages that insures our clients and their families’ safety, from security to social media issues 24/7. ASI is renowned for providing the most professional security programs in the security industry for executive protection and consulting services. Our professional programs allow our clients to continue to work and live as “normal” of a lifestyle as possible without the concern of their safety and security no matter where they travel around the globe.

More than any other time in history, our celebrity client’s safety and security posture has become a requirement versus and option. ASI has become more than just a top security provider with highly trained agents; ASI executive protection agents are seasoned veterans, with a working knowledge and understanding of “Hollywood”, “Sports”, “Music” and “Television” venues. ASI professionals are also familiar with union rules, set politics, call sheets, shooting schedules, scripts, and off camera positions. Our agents have gained this experience while working on hundreds of locations around the world on sets, studios, press junkets and large venue events. Our team orchestrates all the movements of the clients, while working closely with client’s staff, cast and crews to ensure a seamless product.

Security for Actors, Movie Sets, Television Sets

ASI’s logistical support capability also provides our clients with secure options for arranging: commercial and private aircraft, ground transportation, watercraft, and hard to get reservations. Our ability to reach into the far corners of the world is unmatched by any other organization in the industry.