Abila Security & Investigations, Inc. had the forethought to bring our proven experience, “Best in Class” as well as “Industry best Practice” that we have provided to clients around the world to one of the most regulated industries in the United States–the cannabis industry. ASI has been providing security solutions and safety and security products to cannabis entrepreneurs since Colorado passed Amendment 64 and continues to have an exemplary track record of designing and implementing realistic and compliant safety and security programs in California, Colorado, and Oregon.

Confidentiality is paramount to ASI and our clients. Our teams are trained to assist cannabis entrepreneurs from the application phase to integration of the security solutions to remaining compliant at local and state levels.
As with all burgeoning fields, unforeseen issues will occur and Abila Security & Investigations, stands at the ready to support our clients with solutions. Our professional security teams and fire subject matter experts understand the stringent requirements set by each city and state, and use these requirements to design a security and operational safety plan that’s specific to your facility and license type.

ASI currently offers the following services, each of which will be tailored to your unique situation:

- Custom Safety/Security and Operational Security plans for the application phase at the local and state level
- Threat and Vulnerability Assessments for your facilities
- Due Diligence on property and opportunities for investors
- Compliance & Security Consulting
- Security Services
- Fire Safety consulting services
- Investigative Services
- Integrated Security Solutions
- IT Services & Penetration Testing
- FCRA Compliant Background Checks
- Customized Training Services
- Design & Implementation of Policies & Procedures and Standard Operating Procedures
- Training Services