CARVER Assessment Tool

In today’s world, private businesses and governmental entities need to understand their vulnerabilities to various threats, ranging from criminal and terrorist threats to natural disasters. Fortunately, Abila Security & Investigations is well-versed in using the “CARVER” method to evaluate these threats. The CARVER assessment tool was originally developed by the U.S. military and is a proven method for assessing the various components of an organization’s security. Throughout the years, ASI has trained the United States Government and Fortune 500 companies alike on how to use the tool.

By training your in-house personnel on how to use the CARVER assessment tool, you not only save your organization time and money, but you have the ability to revise your company’s assessment as conditions and threats change. ASI utilizes the CARVER methodology to assist in identifying the weakest aspects of your organization’s security profile. Your facility and the people who work, shop, or study there are your responsibility. With Abila Security’s CARVER assessment tool, you can train your personnel to assess your organization’s vulnerabilities and develop solutions that make sense.