Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics is the scientific process that captures and analyzes information stored in any electronic format, from cell phones to laptops, for the purpose of investigating allegations and finding the truth. Our Forensics consultants are not office-bound academics; rather they are practitioners in the field. Many have multidisciplinary backgrounds in security, law enforcement, protective intelligence, threat assessment, computer science and technology. Here are some of the Computer Forensic services offered by ASI:

  • In-depth internet investigations
  • Computer evidence recovery
  • Domestic and international data capture
  • Forensic accounting
  • E-risk management

In addition to offering the above services, our Computer Forensics team is qualified to provide expert witnesses and testimony in a court of law. ASI had an unmatched background in the examination of digital evidence in order to support criminal investigations and civil litigations and our consultants teach, train, publish and keynote speak in their respective areas. From data capture to evidence recovery, Abila Security & Investigations can provide you with the evidence you need to solve electronic-related company investigations and legal issues.